quality Zinc Alloy Dual Foot Chuck Tire Gauge
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Ningbo Godeson Instrument Tech Co.,Ltd (Cixi Taier Instrument Co.,Ltd)are a manufaturer specialized in designing and producing automotive tire  tools for more than 19 years.Poducts range from mechanical tire gauges, digital tire gauges,pen tire gauges, tire  thread depth gauges and tire valve caps. Our products are widely used in passenger vehicles, cars, trucks, SUV, RV and bicycles.
We have supplied and OEM the products for many companies, such as ACCU, Slime,Tiretek,JACO and so on. As an  ISO9001 certified manufacturer, we take the quality as the life of our enterprise,we adhere to the philosophy of "Quality  foremost, credit foremost" to serve all of our customers. 100% of our products are tested and approved before  shipment, The tire gauge accuracy are designed according to ANSI B40.1 Grade B. and our main products have  already comply with CE, ROHS, REACH, PAHS and some other sepcial standards.
We constantly develop and research new products. In recent years through competitive price and sincere service,we  have established friendly and long-term cooperation relationship with hundreds of customers and gained good  reputation all over the world.
We are looking forward to hearing from you, your suggestions and criticism are welcome as your advice is the driving  force behind our corporate development.quality Zinc Alloy Dual Foot Chuck Tire Gauge

Disposable Ostomy Bag in stock
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※Our History
Jiangsu Ostup Medical Products Co., Ltd. is a well-reputed player and leading manufacturer of medical disposables.
Professionally devote to the research and development, production and management of the products of Stoma care, Incontinence care, Wound care.
We make production in strict accordance with international standard, CE and ISO13485 are approved.
Facilitated with standardized 100,000 purification plant and first-class laboratory, testing and sterilization device systems. Along with professional R&D team and strict management system to ensure top quality.
Our goal is to be No. 1 in China, first-class in the world.
※Our Product
1.Ostomy Care
A.Two Piece Ostomy Bag
B. Hydrocolloid Flange
C. One Piece Ostomy Bag
D. Ostomy Accessories
2. Wound Care
A. Foam Dressing
B. Hydrocolloid Dressing
3. Incontience Care
A. Anti-Reflux Drainage Bag
B. Urine Meter Bag
※Product Application
※Our Certificate
※Our Advantages
1.Ostupmed owns independent large factory, raw material from top suppliers.
2.As a leading designer and manufacturer of stoma care, incontinence care and wound care products.
3.Owning more than 10 patents and innovating the products as market requirements.
4.Products with competitive price, stability and maturity.
5.Fast delivery based on guaranteed quality
6.24 hours service with quick response
7.Striving for 100% customer satisfaction, customized service as market.
8.Enjoying high reputation and government support.
※Production Process
1. material preparatiom2.welding
※Our ExhibitionDisposable Ostomy Bag in stock

Aluminium Kitchen Window
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※ Our History
◇ Year of 2001, developed mini folding doors;
◇ Year of 2003, developed top-hung sliding door with removable inner rails;
◇ Year of 2005, developed low rail folding doors and bottom rolling sliding doors with removable rails;
◇ Year of 2007, launched the over-welcomed new patented products-Dazzling Arc series windows and doors;
◇ Year of 2009, launched cost-effective new series of windows and doors –Prestige series, in response to global financial crisis;
◇ Year of 2011, won the patent of anti-finger pinch for folding doors and achieved great attention on the exhibition;
◇ Year of 2013, invented a device to prevent window or door panels sway, step-out and fall off;
◇ Year of 2014, exhibited thermal break sunroom on China (Guangzhou) International Building Decoration Fair;
◇ Year of 2015, Jaysun ®launched new thermal break windows to offer whole sales for custom ◇ exterior and interior doors and windows;
◇ Year of 2016, invented the large roller with heavy-duty airtight system to make doors and windows slide more smoothly and more silently;
◇ Year of 2017, mastered "Mute+"core technology, made new achievement on sound protection and insulation;
◇ Year of 2018, designed narrow profile windows and doors from the inspiration of Chinese high technology
※ Our Factory
Foshan Fuaosi Technology Co., Ltd, the largest windows and doors manufacturer in China, has mainly specialized in R&D, fabrication, sales and services for aluminum windows and doors. Backed up by large facilities, top devices, extraordinary world-class designers and R&D teams, we are able to offer our customers with a broad variety of products in two brands, Fuaosi® Windows & Doors and Jaysun® Windows & Doors.
17years' growth and Germany industrial technology make Fuaosi windows and doors first-class and highly trusted brands by our clients worldwide.
Our drive is to make safety windows and doors. Safety is the No.1 issue we care about starting from product design to end product fabrication. Each step is strictly and precisely controlled as Germany companies do. End product verification policy is originated from Germany product quality control systems, which strictly following the requirement of ISO 9001:2008 standards. We have over one hundred patents for products we are manufacturing.
Professionalism makes us successful. Dedication makes us more professional.
Safety home, choose Fuaosi!
※ Our Product
Aluminum doors, aluminum windows, sunroom, eco-friendly doors
※ Product Application
Decoration and space partition for all kinds of buildings, such as residential houses, villas, premium hotels, hospitals, commercial buildings, shops, etc
※ Our Certificate
ISO 9001:2008, anti -sway patent, anti -fall off patent, anti-step out patent, anti -finger pinch patent, China Recommended Manufacturer for custom Windows and Doors, China Quality Cultivated Brand, etc
※ Production Equipment
200,000㎡ facilities, super larger modern workshops, 4-layer profile warehouse, dozens of international advanced numerical processing machines, quality test devices and automatic insulating glass assembly lines, etc.
※ Production Market
high welcomed by domestic and oversea consumers, dealers, distributors, etc.
※ Our service
During the pre-sale step, we will offer the following services:
pre-sales consult,
discuss the possible design with our clients
design the product in customer's mind
check the diagram with our clients
quote reasonable prices
When the order comes, we will arrange prompt production and deliver the goods on time. And we would offer after-sales services to our clients, help them to solve problems and doubts.Aluminium Kitchen Window

Engraved Top Cute Mahogany Ukulele price
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Our History
Guangzhou Vines Musical Instruments Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of musical instruments for more than 12 years.
Our Product
Vines music focuses on exporting a wide variety of musical instruments including acoustic guitars, classical guitars, ukuleles, electric guitars, basses, violins, percussion and accessories.
Our Service
As an excellent one-stop supplier of musical instrument, Vines music provides services of both stock wholesale and OEM/ODM. Located in Guangzhou, the warehouse covers an area of more than 3,000 square meters with inventory capability of 10 million.
Our Certificate
Our Workshop
We carefully process every step from choosing material, cutting, polishing to assembling, painting, aiming to make every instrument present the best. Meanwhile, to ensure the quality, we insist on highly strict QC standard.
Production Market
The company has extended its business all over the world, and attends exhibitions every year, including MUSIC CHINA, The NAMM SHOW, Musikmesse.
Our Conception
Being one of the most influential musical instrument exporter in China, the company strives to satisfy its customers as it possibly can. Engraved Top Cute Mahogany Ukulele price

Ebike Battery Pack factory
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Aucopo's Down Tube Battery quality system has been shaped by many years of experience and the large number of laptop battery & electric bicycle customers we have. As you might imagine, there is very high liability potential in the electric bicycle industry so catastrophic failures in the hands of an end user is not an option.
1. Product Introduction
2. Basic Parameter
Nominal Capacity: 5-17Ah(can be customized)
Nominal Voltage: 24-48V(can be customized)
3. Product Feature And Application
4. Product Details
We can customize the battery according to the requirements of customers, below are the examples of the Battery Case, you can contact our sales for more options:
5. Quality Control
6. Delivery, Shipping And Service
7. FAQ
(1) What is the difference between Lithium batteries and Lithium Ion batteries?
There are several important differences. The practical difference between Lithium batteries and Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries is that most Lithium batteries are not rechargeable but Li-ion batteries are rechargeable.  From a chemical standpoint Lithium batteries use lithium in its pure metallic form.  Li-ion batteries use lithium compounds which are much more stable than the elemental lithium used in lithium batteries. A lithium battery should never be recharged while lithium-ion batteries are designed to be recharged hundreds of times.
(2) Are there restrictions with taking lithium ion batteries on airplanes?
Effective January 1, 2008, the Department of Transportation (DOT) through the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) will no longer allow loose lithium batteries in checked baggage. These batteries may continue to be packed in carry-on baggage.
(3) What does Aucopo recommend for battery storage for a long period of time?
When storing for more than 4 days these guidelines can better preserve the life of your battery:
Do not store batteries for long periods plugged into or attached to any power source. This includes AC adapters and lithium security carts plugged into an outlet.
lithium batteries, including those stored in lithium systems, should maintain an Operational Storage Temperature of 0° to 35°C (32° to 95°F).
Batteries may be stored in the lithium or outside of the lithium.
Charge batteries before storing. The recommended charging time should not exceed 1 hour. Typically, this should charge the battery to between 80% and 100%. (Some discharge will take place over time. Stored batteries are expected to discharge 10-15% over a four month period, for your information.)
(4) Should I totally discharge, then recharge my Aucopo lithium battery occasionally to make it last longer?
No, discharging and charging does not increase the life of a Lithium Ion camcorder batteries.
(5) Discharge modes
A battery may be discharged under different modes, depending on the equipment load. The discharge mode selected will have a significant impact on the service life of a battery in a specified application. The three typical modes under which a battery may be discharged are:
● Constant Resistance ("R"): In this mode, the resistance of the equipment load remains constant throughout the discharge
● Constant Current ("C"): In this mode, the current drawn by the device remains constant during the discharge
● Constant Power ("P"): In this mode, the current during the discharge increases as the battery voltage decreases, thus discharging the battery at a constant power level (power = current × voltage)
(6) Can I use any charger to charge a rechargeable lithium battery?
● Not all lithium batteries are the same! Never use a charger that was not designed for the battery in question. Every charger is specially tailored for use with a specific type of lithium chemistry.Ebike Battery Pack factory

Tablero Electrico Americano fabricantes
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Nuestra historia
Año 2006
El 8 de mayo de 2006 el Sr. Greg fundó Saip Grupo de Electricidad Co., Ltd. en Pueblo de Liushi – Centro de Equipos Eléctricos de China, y en el mismo año estableció Saipland.
Año 2009
La compañía se estableció su sede en Edificio Yanchuan el 8 de junio de 2009 y comenzó a desarrollar y expandir su equipo de comercio electrónico. En el mismo año en la zona industrial de la ciudad Liu, la compañía comenzó a establecer su propio equipo técnico con capacidades independientes de investigación y desarrollo. Como resultado nuestra capacidad de producción se ha desarrollado rápidamente.
Año 2011
La compañía estableció la marca Saipwell en mayo de 2011 y fundó Saipwell Electricidad de Shanghai Co., Ltd. para desarrollar mercados en el extranjero.
Año 2013
En septiembre de 2013 la sede de Saip Electricidad Co., Ltd. se trasladó al edificio de ciencias de la zona industrial de la ciudad Liu. El edificio de oficinas tiene una superficie de 3.000 metros cuadrados y está totalmente equipado con comedor, centro de actividades, centro de conferencias y sala de exposiciones.
Año 2014
El 15 de marzo de 2014 la reunión anual de tres días del Grupo se celebró en el "Hotel del Norte" en el Parque Gucun, Shanghai. Durante la reunión, todo el personal participó en la fiesta "Pájaro carpintero" preparada en el crucero de Río Huangpu.
A principios de 2014, invertimos en más tecnología de la información e introdujimos el software de administración OA, Enter y HR para mejorar nuestro sistema de gestión. Con el nuevo lanzamiento de Aliexpress, ebay y otras plataformas de comercio electrónico, y mediante una actualización integral de TrustPass y nuestro sitio web oficial, hemos desarrollado docenas de categorías y miles de nuevos productos. En el mismo año, Saipwell Electricidad de Shanghai Co., Ltd. se estableció en el Edificio de Tecnología de Hongshi de Shanghai, con 150 ingenieros de ventas y agentes de contratación en todo el mundo.
Año 2015
El 23 de diciembre de 2015, ganamos el título de "Base de Demostración de Comercio Electrónico Transfronterizo B2B" del viaje de sueño de Alibaba de la provincia de Zhejiang. El gerente general Wu Xiaofei asistió a la ceremonia de entrega de premios.
El 23 de noviembre de 2015, el Sr. Wu Xiaofei, gerente general de la compañía, ganó el premio más popular en la actividad de "Personal Comercial Electrónico Móvil de Zhejiang" de Alibaba.
Del 3 al 7 de noviembre de 2015, estrenamos en la XVIII Feria Industrial de Shanghai y obtuvimos excelentes resultados en la exposición.
El 8 de agosto de 2015, se celebró la conferencia de gestión del medio año del Grupo Saip de tres días en el Centro Internacional de Conferencias del Lago Meilan de Shanghai. Durante la reunión, el personal de la gerencia media y superior de la compañía participó en las actividades de la compañía "Lago Meilan Colorido, disfrutando el golf".
En la mañana del 3 de abril de 2015, Saip Grupo de Electricidad celebró la reunión de selección de 2014 “Pragmático, innovador, cooperativo, de ensueño” en el Hall de Fortuna de Hawái. El Sr. Wu Xiaofei, gerente general del grupo, y otros líderes y personal de departamentos asistieron a la reunión.
En abril de 2015, la División de Negocios de T-mall lanzó un excelente software de comercio electrónico, E-shop. El lanzamiento del software no sólo brinda a los clientes una experiencia de compra superior, sino que también sienta una base sólida para el rápido desarrollo de nuestra unidad de negocios T-mall.
Año 2016
En febrero de 2016, nuestro gerente general Sr. Wu Xiaofei visitó el mercado indio y realizó una investigación. Fue recibido calurosamente por el ministro del Interior de la India, Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi. En Nueva Delhi, el ministro y el Sr. Wu Xiaofei tuvieron una conversación amistosa y tomaron fotos juntos.
En enero de 2016, el Sr. Wu Xiaofei, gerente general de nuestra empresa, recibió el título de "Energía positiva de comercio exterior nuevo de Zhejiang 2015" de Alibaba.
En enero de 2016, Alibaba nos otorgó el título de "Cliente excelente de la provincia de Zhejiang" y nos designó como la base de aprendizaje de comercio electrónico. Nuestro director de ventas, Sr. Wu Xiaoyang, asistió a la ceremonia de entrega de premios.
En enero de 2016, nuestra plataforma de comercio electrónico continuó otorgando el premio "Empresa clave del sector de servicios" otorgado por el gobierno del municipio Liu en reconocimiento al excelente desempeño de la industria de servicios de comercio electrónico de alta tecnología.
Nuestra fábrica
Saipwell Electricidad de Shanghai Co., Ltd. (denominado "Saip") es una empresa especializada en el diseño, producción y venta de equipos eléctricos. La oficina central se encuentra en la mayor base de fabricación de equipos eléctricos de Wenzhou de China, conocida como la "capital de equipos eléctricos de China", cerca de los puertos de Shanghai y Ningbo. Saip tiene cinco ramas profesionales y más de 300 socios profesionales. Saip es una empresa certificada ISO9001 con una moderna línea de producción y equipos de control de gestión científica de alta calidad, ingenieros profesionales, técnicos de equipos bien capacitados y trabajadores calificados. En la actualidad, Saip cuenta con cinco bases de diseño y producción en Hong Kong, Taiwán, Singapur, Turquía y Shanghai (en el continente chino), con 28 organizaciones de ventas y más de 50 compañías de miembros holding en todo el mundo. Los productos abarcan energía eólica, energía solar, equipos de baja tensión, equipos de soldadura e instrumentos, etc.  Tablero Electrico Americano fabricantes

Backlit Fabric Display manufacturers
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Our Factory
Textile-Flex is a leading textile manufacturer for digital printing and home decor. Based in famous Xucun Textile Town, we are offering high quality products to global markets. With 16 years experience in textiles industry, our products are widely approved by worldwide partners, from Europe, US, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa.
Our complete product line delivers the high quality materials for Latex, UV, Eco-solvent, Solvent and Dye Sublimation printing.
Our philosophy is Profession, Passion, Concentration and Innovation. As an innovative company, we always keep on developing state-of-the art products for our partners. We believe consistent quality is most important of all, whether it is one roll or one container.  With a commitment to progress, quality and product development, Textile-Flex will continually adds and modifies formulas to offer a variety of materials to meet the ever-change needs of global markets.
Textile expert for digital printing and home decor.
Our Product
We are offering wide product ranges for extensive applications, covering Backlit Textile, Display Textile, Blockout Textile, Tent Fabric, Flag Fabric and many other specialty products.
Product Application
Our extensive products meet all your needs for every application, whether it is for backlit, exhibition, indoor&outdoor displays, blockout applications, tents, flags, fine art reproductions, theatrical backdrops, billboard, P.O.S.
Production Equipment
High quality coated production line for textile products.Backlit Fabric Display manufacturers

Electrician Paper Wrapped Copper Wire Made in China
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Our History
Since its establishment, the company has made great contributions to the power industry for more than 20 years and has won a good reputation. And with the registration of International Trade Co., Ltd. in 2018, from the domestic market to the global market. The company has strong technical strength, complete product testing equipment, and implements three-level inspection of product quality (in-process production inspection, storage inspection, and factory inspection). The company has implemented quality screening for raw material suppliers, and has not put its products into the factory for suppliers with unqualified quality or unstable quality. In production, the process requirements are strictly controlled to ensure the production of high quality qualified products. It is the sole pursuit of our company to be responsible for the users. It is the mission of the company to offer our qualified products to users.
Our Factory
The company is located in Linyi, the capital of China's trade logistics. Founded in 1997, the company is currently a magnet wire and power equipment company with integrated production and economics. It produces and sells more than 4,800 tons of electromagnetic wires annually. The company has more than 100 employees, including more than 20 scientific research and management personnel. The company has 8 copper and aluminum wire extrusion lines; 4 annealing wire drawing machines; 160 glass wire wrapping production lines; paper/film wrapping production line 32 Article; enameled wire stock of more than 200 tons; extrusion production mold specifications more than 10,000 kinds. Companies adhering to the principle of customer first, customer-centric, do their utmost to improve production efficiency, ensure production quality, use good products to return customers and friends.
Our Product
Double glass fiber covered wire, double glass fiber polyester film wrapped wire, electrical paper wrapped wire, polyester film wrapped wire, polyester imide film wrapped wire, non-woven film wrapped wire, lacquer bag (copper aluminum) Round wire, bare (copper, aluminum) wire, paper package lead, pressed square wire, and other products.
Product Application
Widely used in power transformers, high voltage transformers, wind turbines, electromagnetic chucks, welding machines, switchgear and other power industries.
Our Certificate
National wire and cable quality inspection report, quality management system certification
Production Equipment
The company has 8 copper and aluminum wire extrusion lines; 4 annealing wire drawing machines; 160 glass wire wrapping production lines; 32 paper/film wrapping production lines; enameled wire stocks over 200 tons; extrusion production die specifications more than 10,000 kinds; Online pressure tester 8 sets; all kinds of quality inspection equipment.
Production Market
Long-term cooperation with dozens of domestic transformers, reactors, electromagnetics, wind power projects; and exported to South Korea, the Philippines, Southeast Asia, the Americas, African countries.
Our Service
1. Responsible for organizing the preparation of technical solutions for system integration projects, preparation of tenders, explanations, and user Q&A;
2. Cooperate with customers to complete technical exchanges with users and technical program announcements;
3. Cooperate with other departments of the business department to do user communication, data sharing, technical coordination, etc.
4. Cooperate with customers to complete application system demonstration and product promotion data writing;
5. Cooperate with technical exchanges with partner manufacturers.
6. Follow up the production progress feedback to the customer in time.
7. every step of the product will be strictly tested to ensure the quality of production
8. the product shipped with the quality checklist.
9. If the customer uses the product, if there are other situations, our company will respond in the first time.Electrician Paper Wrapped Copper Wire Made in China

China 4 Party Concrete Mixer Truck factory
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Our History
In recent years, with the key support of Jining municipal governments at all levels, the strength of the growing, has gradually developed into a national scale, high-tech, advanced equipment, pilot peer standards of star enterprises, with broad prospects for sustainable development.
Our Factory
The company covers an area of 3,000 square meters, with advanced production equipment, 560 employees of several production lines, 85 technical backbone personnel, 225 marketing personnel, 9 senior technical engineers, 26 engineers, jointly build the company's strong R&D production and sales capabilities
Our Product
The company mainly engaged in truck crane, concrete mixer, pile driver, truck crane, concrete pump truck and excavator and other mechanical products.
Product Application
For urban construction, cargo handling, foundation piling.
Our Certificate
In 2008, the same industry passed ISO9001 international system certification.
2008-2014 years, six consecutive years, was awarded the "quality trustworthy unit" by Jining Technical Supervision Bureau.
In 2009, it was awarded the gold medal of China Science and Technology Fair by the China Science and Technology Expo Organizing Committee.
From 2008 to 2018, it has been awarded the title of "qualified products, sound quality system and stable product quality enterprise" in the product sampling inspection of the Municipal Product Quality Supervision Bureau for three consecutive years.
Production Equipment
Electric welding machine, automatic welding, small air compressor, oxygen cutting,Lathe, drilling machine, planer and boring machine for machining
Production Market
Sales network is spread in Shandong, Jiangsu, Hebei, Henan, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Gansu, Anhui, Inner Mongolia and other 20 provinces and cities in China, exported to Africa, Southeast Asia and other countries, with its excellent performance by the majority of users praise.
Our service
Pre-sales: We always try our best to fully understand customers’ needs and therefore to develop several solutions for them to choose the most suitable machine. We offer free and professional consultation service to the engineering technical personnel and users from customers’ sides. We can also provide free small parts within 2 years.
Sales Tracking: Our technician will follow up the installation and debugging in the whole process. After customer acceptance, we provide about 3-7 days free operation and maintenance training for customers.
After Sales: We provide 2 year’s guarantee and life-long maintenance for our products. Free repairing or replacement (except for wearing parts) is available for our products for their functional defects (except for artificial or force majeure factors) within warranty period. After warranty period, we only charge artifacts according to the actual situation.China 4 Party Concrete Mixer Truck factory

PVC Heat Shrink Wrap made in China
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Our History
Founded in 1999, Guanghui Package is a private enterprise which specializes in the production of PETG, PVC heat shrink label printing film, packaging film, Tube film and PETG Modified Polyester-HSF.
Our Factory
Now the company has four production bases:
1.  Yixing Guanghui Package Co. Ltd.,
2.  Wuxi Jiuteng Plastic Packaging Materials Co. Ltd.,
3.  Chongqing Jiuteng Packaging Materials Co. Ltd.
4.  Tianjin Jiuteng Packaging Materials Co. Ltd.
Our Product
Product Aationpplic
PVC Shrink films and PETG Shrink films are for printing and label use, PETG Modified Polyester-HSF is for material for producing PETG Shrink films
Our Certificate
Production Equipment
Production Market
In domestic market, we have been supplying Wahaha, Kangshifu, Robust, Uni-president, Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, China Resources, C’ Estbon and so on. In 2017, the export quantity reached at 5500 tons, the company has established stable sales markets in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, North America, South America and other places. PVC Heat Shrink Wrap made in China

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